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Oversized and Miscellaneous Material, 1950-1989


Scope and Content Note

From the Record Group:

The Henry Melson Stommel papers span the years 1946-1996 with the bulk dating from 1970-1992. The collection reflects the varied scientific interests of Henry Melson Stommel, regarded by some as perhaps the most important physical oceanographer of all time and the founder of the field of dynamical oceanography in the US. Its primary focus is the scientific work that engrossed him for over 41 years. A large portion of the collection consists of drafts and research for scientific books and articles, most of which he wrote after returning to the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution in 1978 after years teaching at Harvard and the Massachusetts Institution of Technology. Although there is relatively little purely personal information, Stommel's colleagues often became his friends, so many letters contain some personal information. His correspondence, with scientific figures of the day, is wide-ranging.

Location of Disks

Note: All 5-l/4" disks were transferred to 3-l/2" disks

All the computer disks listed in the container list were removed from their folders and placed in the document box at the end series. Files were organized into folders with the same numbers as the original disks and bundled in a .zip file along with Dublin Core metadata. The .zip file is stored with other electronic records. See the Electronic Records series description below. The original locations of the disks are listed in the following table:

Disk 1, box 6 folder 21

Disk 2, box 11 folder 2

Disk 3, box 12 folder 25

Disk 4, box 13 folder 33

Disk 5, box 13 folder 35

Disks 6,7,8, boxes 16/17 folders 65-68

Disk 9, box 17 folder 69

Disk 10, box 17 folder 70

Disk 11, box 17 folders 71-72

Disks 12,13, boxes 17/18 folders 2-6

Disk 14, box 24 folder 67

Disks 15,16,17, box 27 folder 7

Disk 18, box 27 folders 8, 14-15

Disk 19, box 27 folder 17

Disk 20, box 28 folder 19

Disks 21,22, box 28 folder 22

Disk 23, box 28 folder 27

Disks 24-30, box 28 folder 32

Disks 31-33, box 28 folder 37

Disks 34-37, box 29 folder 45

Disk 38, box 29 folder 51

Disks 39-40, box 29 folder 55

Disks 41-42, box 30 folder 62

Disk 43, box 28 folder 21

Index to Correspondents in Series II, Correspondence

Routine business correspondence has not been included in the index.

1949: Letter to: Pres. Sproul, President, University of California. Letter from: Pres. Sproul, President, University of California.

1950: Letters from: Columbus Iselin, H.C. Daives, University of Chicago.

1951: Letter to: Donald Pritchard, Chesapeake Bay Institute. Letter from: Yale University.

1952: Letter to: Louis Benjamin. Letters from: Louis Benjamin, Richard M. Elliott.

1953: Letters to: Manuel d'Azevedo Castro Neves, Paul Henson, Grenge League Federation, H.E. Babcock. Letters from: Paul Henson, C. Ewing.

1954: Letter from: Manuel Neves.

1960: Letters to: Columbus Iselin, A.F. Spilhaus, E.B. Wilson, Paul M. Fye. Letters from: Paul M. Fye.

1961: Letters from: Joanne S. Malkus, N.B. McLean.

1964: Letters to: Dr. Chuji Tsuboi [?], Dr. Norman P. Neureoter [?], Prof. Kiyou Wadfat.

1965: Letter from: Thomas H. Hamilton, University of Hawaii.

1966: Letters to: Dr. Richard Bader.

1967: Letters from: Bernard Saint-Gueley [?].

1969: Letters from: Charles L. Osterberg, Warren S. Wooster, Edward Fredkin Charitable Foundation.

1970: Letters from: Alan J. Faller, Brian J. Skinner, Gad Assaf, Walter H. Munk.

1971: Letters to: Prof. A.S. Monin, Feenan Jennings, John Knauss, N.D. Bank, Roberto Frassetto, R.J. Smith, Allan Robinson, Arthur Maxwell, Nelson Hogg, George Veronis. Letters from:

Ledolph Baer, Melvin E. Stern, Nelson Hogg, N.D. Bang, Antonio Marussi, Mark Winbush, Fred A. Donath, John R. Apel, A. Leetman, L. Fovin, George F. Carrier, Antonio Marussi, Mike

Gregg, J. Joseph, Richard Vetter, Michael Czepan, John Swallow, C.H. Mortimer, G.M. Corcos, Bertil Ostrom, F. Fedorov.

1972: Letters from: Mary Sears, Henri Lacombe, Nelson Hogg, Theodore D. Foster. Letters to: Theodore D. Foster.

1973: Letters from: Dr. Michele Fieux, Prof. Henri Lacombe. Letter to: Dr. Michele Fieux.

1975: Letters from: Mrs. J. Swallow, George Veronis.

1978: Letter from: Yeh Tu-Cheng.

1980: Letter from: Allan R. Robinson, F.G. Wood, Edwin Bryan, Jr.

1981: Letters from: Donald Parson, Jesse Swinson.

1982: Letter from: Michele Fieux, Donald Parson, John D. Post.

1983: Letters from: Andrew David, Dr. Charles E.S. Arps, H.E. Landsberg, Dr. M. Samuels, R. Caborloc, Peter H. Raven. Letters to: Dr. Morton F. Meads, Dr. Marwyn S. Samuels.

1984: Letters from: Henri Lacombe, A.C.F. David, Dr. Deacon, Dr. I. Shearer, Eric Wanner, Lucy Fromin. Letters to: Bob Millard, Bruce Warren, Dr. Gagosian, J.F. Gilbert, Carl Wunsch.

1985: Letters from: George Veronis, L. Talley. Letters to: Academician L. Brekhovskilt, Raymond C. Smith, Dr. Walter Brundage, Mr. Yashushi Fukamachi.

1986: Letters to: R.C. Beardsley, Mrs. S.M. Usher. Letters from: Anthony H. Knap.

1987: Letters from: Konstantin Nicholaevich Fedorov, John R. Adel, Wilton Sturges, Larry P. Atkinson. Letters to: Dr. Wilton Sturges, Dr. Joseph Keller.

1988: Letters from: Haraldur Sigurdsson, Eric Mollo-Christensen, Karl K. Turekian. Letters to: Prof. Michael Mullen.

1989: Letters to: Allen Peterson, Dr. Freeman Gilhart.

1990: Letters from: Jim Pria, Jonathan Werner, I.O.S. Wormley, Carl A. Friehl, Pierre Welander, A.I. Fel'Zenbaum, Dr. Roy M. Greer, Zinovy I. Kizner. Letters to: Russ Davis, Prof. Lillian Hornig, Dr. Craig Dorman, Prof. J.E. Kutzbach.

1991: Letters from: W.S. Broecker, Freeman Gilbert, Mary and John Swallow, R. Ballard, Peter Killworth, Richard Lambert, Jr. Letters to: Roy M. Green, Larry P. Atkinson, Prof. M.B. Ariyapala, Editor, Ocean Modeling, Dr. Robert Knox, Dr. Vincent Courtillot, Prof. Christian Moers.


  • 1950-1989

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