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Lulu (Ship)

Subject Source: Local sources

Found in 354 Collections and/or Records:

198 Alvin assembly at Otis, rough cut, lots of splices, done for NBC 1968, 1968

 Item — Shelf A5: [Barcode: 30120005853]
Identifier: 30120005853
Scope and Contents From the Record Group:

This collection contains film and media related to WHOI. Materials range from at-sea footage to recordings of seminars and many other subjects.

Dates: 1968

205 Alvin Lulu clips, Flying at the Bottom of the Sea, diver disconnects telephone cable

 Item — Shelf E5: [Barcode: 30120005693]
Identifier: 30120005693
Scope and Contents

0:07 Lulu at sea. 0:12 lowering Alvin into the water from Lulu. 0:50 divers on side of Alvin. 1:30 Alvin in water. 1:40 Alvin near Lulu. 2:07 person on boat, Lulu in background. 2:15 raising platform on Lulu.

Dates: 1964-1975

206 Alvin Lulu clips, Flying at the Bottom of the Sea, WHOI underwater

 Item — Shelf B1: [Barcode: 30120005014]
Identifier: 30120005014
Scope and Contents

Much of the reel is over or underexposed, not much usable footage. 0:01-1:55 dark/overexposed film. 1:56 cable on seafloor. 2:35-3:01 dark. 3:02 seafloor images (dark)

Dates: 1964-1975

208 Alvin reels selected for NBC March 5, 1968; general scenes, Alvin being towed, Alvin loaded on plane, lots of people shots, 1968-03-05, 1964-01-26

 Item — Shelf B1: [Barcode: 30120005087]
Identifier: 30120005087
Scope and Contents 0:01 unidentified person in Alvin doing audio transmission testing. 1:30 Val Wilson and Marvin McCamis near Alvin propeller. 1:51 George Broderson on fork truck moving parts. 2:30 unidentified person inspecting parts. 3:00 Alvin on truck moving out of warehouse. 3:30 Alvin lifted onto platform to have parts installed on underside. 4:55 Alvin being loaded onto airplane. 7:45 audio transmission testing, people inside and outside Alvin. 10:00 person checking schematics. 10:29 3 people writing...
Dates: Broadcast: 1968-03-05; 1964-01-26

209 NET Spectrum color original, 1968-03-05

 Item — Shelf A5: [Barcode: 30120005470]
Identifier: 30120005470
Scope and Contents 0:01 trophy case for General Mills Electronics Group. 0:25 parts in warehouse. 0:50 General Mills building outside views. 1:35 Gopher Pattern Works building, outside view. 2:15 Thermotech Industries, Inc. building, outside view. 2:37 Alvin frame, disassembled. 3:12 people painting/spraying Alvin frame. 7:25 parts. 7:48 people in office. 8:26 exterior view of Engineering Co. building. 9:23 parts being machined. 10:22 bare metal frame. 11:03 Alvin sphere. 12:42 inside machine shop. 14:10...
Dates: 1968-03-05

224 Alvin sea tests May 18, 1965, surface shots of Alvin and Lulu, 1965-05-18

 Item — Shelf B1: [Barcode: 30120004612]
Identifier: 30120004612
Scope and Contents

0:01 Alvin with Lulu. 0:17 Alvin and diver backing away from Lulu. 0:41 Alvin pulled by small boat. 2:10-5:29 Alvin and small boat near each other in the water during tests. The runtime for this video is 05m 29

Dates: 1965-05-18

229 Alvin on Lulu, Alvin being towed, Alvin in water surface, Alvin assembly on dock, Lulu at sea pre-red sail

 Item — Shelf A5: [Barcode: 30120005862]
Identifier: 30120005862
Scope and Contents 0:01 unidentified location, palm trees, dock, boats. 0:58 working on deck of Lulu. 1:05 Alvin and diver in the water. 1:13 Alvin, view from above on deck of Lulu. 1:15 Alvin tied with ropes and raised on platform of Lulu. 2:10 people around Alvin on platform. 2:56 Lulu being towed by rope. 4:20 deck of towing boat. 4:55 unidentified people on deck of towing boat. 5:24 bridge of towing boat. 5:40 section of Alvin being removed by crane. 5:50 section on flatbed. 6:00 another section of Alvin...
Dates: 1964-1975

235 Trims N Ordinance Litten Burke, Bermuda September 1965, SW research E Alvin on Lulu, 1965-09

 Item — Shelf A5: [Barcode: 30120005522]
Identifier: 30120005522
Scope and Contents 0:01 Alvin in water with divers, tied to Lulu. 0:13 working on Alvin, not fully assembled, in warehouse. 0:30 crew eating on deck. 1:01 person holding control for hydraulic arm. 1:10 person looking at controls in sphere. 2:03 Alvin and divers return to Lulu, tied and raised on platform. 2:53 divers on Alvin putting on fins. 3:02 Alvin in water with pilot and divers, tied to Lulu. 3:33 Alvin raised on platform. 3:52 people on Alvin. 4:25 pulling cables to Alvin. 4:39 George Broderson and Val...
Dates: 1965-09

237 Underwater sound laboratory, filmed by US Navy, Alvin and Lulu prep for dive

 Item — A5: [Barcode: 30120006013]
Identifier: 30120006013
Scope and Contents 0:01 title card: "U.S. Navy Underwater Sound Laboratory" w/ logo. 0:07 title card: "photographed by U.S. Navy Underwater Sound Laboratory Field Photographic Unit". 0:15 Lulu at sea. 0:31 unidentified person and telescope. 1:07 Lulu at sea, including views of other vessel and oil rig in background. 4:58 Alvin on deck of Lulu. 5:10 person working underneath Alvin. 5:22 loading tank into Alvin. 5:41 Alvin on deck of Lulu. 6:14 scenes of people performing maintenance on Alvin. 6:48 Alvin's...
Dates: 1964-1975

238 General deck scenes, Alvin being sent to sea, in water with swimmers, return to Lulu

 Item — Shelf B1: [Barcode: 30120004943]
Identifier: 30120004943
Scope and Contents 0:04 Alvin on deck of Lulu, dark/glare from sun. 0:26 people working on deck, pulling ropes and laying them on deck. 1:31 rope running to small boat near Lulu. 1:37 people on deck pulling line, Bill Rainnie left foreground. 1:51 lines being pulled on deck. 2:20 Alvin with divers and small boat in the water. 3:03 Alvin and divers in the water, Lulu in background. 3:30 Alvin and divers. 4:39 Alvin tied to Lulu. 4:56 Alvin on deck of Lulu. 5:20 crew pulling ropes and tying them to Alvin. 5:59...
Dates: 1964-1975