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235 Trims N Ordinance Litten Burke, Bermuda September 1965, SW research E Alvin on Lulu, 1965-09

 Item — Shelf: A5
Identifier: 30120005522
Scope and Contents 0:01 Alvin in water with divers, tied to Lulu. 0:13 working on Alvin, not fully assembled, in warehouse. 0:30 crew eating on deck. 1:01 person holding control for hydraulic arm. 1:10 person looking at controls in sphere. 2:03 Alvin and divers return to Lulu, tied and raised on platform. 2:53 divers on Alvin putting on fins. 3:02 Alvin in water with pilot and divers, tied to Lulu. 3:33 Alvin raised on platform. 3:52 people on Alvin. 4:25 pulling cables to Alvin. 4:39 George Broderson and Val...
Dates: 1965-09